LAM Alaska simple pages

The site uses a Perl CGI program to act as what I call a wrapper. The program applies on the fly updates to the raw html pages to add a common style and a bit of dynamic content. This is enabled within Apache by the the following directive:

RewriteRule ^/(.+)\.html$ /Public/Scripts/menuBar.cgi-pl [QSA,PT,E=RewriteHtml:/$1.html]

I have included a link to the program in the above that will display the program description which will include a link to the program source.

This page can be viewed in it's raw form at: /About/Simple-Pages.htm or in it's form after the wrapper processing at: /About/Simple-Pages.html

To really appreciate the difference use the view source option of your browser and compare the two source views generated with different Apache directives from the same html file.