Exempt Fundraiser Form (Incomplete)

Exempt Fundraiser Form


Filer First Name: Lawrence
Filer Middle Name: A
Filer Last Name: Murakami
Filer's Title: Treasurer

Filer Information

Election Year: 2016
Filer Type: Group
Group Name: Interior Democrats

Event Details

Date: 05/27/2016
Name: Fundraiser
Location: Not yet determined
Description: This is a test to see the fields available in this form and what information is required.

Financial Details

Number of Items/Tickets Sold: 2 Item/Ticket Price (if applicable): $0.00
Number of Participants, Names Recorded: 1 Total Income from Participants, Names Recorded: $1.00
Number of Participants, Names Not Recorded: 1 Total Income from Participants, Names Not Recorded: $1.00
Total Cost for Fundraiser: $1.00 Total Income for Fundraiser: $2.00
Total Participants: Total Profit from Fundraiser: NaN

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