'CDDVD' 'ReplayTV to DVD' 'Level 9'
'CDDVD' 'ReplayTV to DVD' 'Level 9'

Level 9

Only 13 episodes of this series ever aired.

Premiered: October 27, 2000
Last Aired: January 26, 2001

To my knowledge this series was never made available on DVD.

I created a set of 5 DVDs from airings by SciFi in 2008.

The DVDs containing the first and last episodes were the last two I created. By the time I created the last two DVDs I had been experimenting with the editing changes relating to the titles.

I extracted episodes from DVDs I had created earlier and recut them to have the titles at the beginning instead of before the first commercial since I have removed all the commercials when creating the last two DVDs of this set. The first three DVDs created have content and titles in the order aired but with commercials removed. In both cases some overlay commercials and branding remains. I remove ending credits that are reduced to run commercials in a window.

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