LAM Alaska Apache test site

* http://test.LAM1.us - A place to test Apache site directives.

This site is one of the virtual hosts of my server.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 @ 12:56:21 AM (Alaska Time) - This site was created some time ago but the documentation page was only created today. It was originally created as a place to test Apache site directives. It has at times had various content in it for test purposes.

Today I added a directive to map /About to /About/test.lam1.us for the default index.html document. I am now using this rule for most of the sites on this machine with only the value of the RewriteHtml environment variable being different for each site. The exception is the z.lam1.us site which allows browsing of the /About folder. I need to create an About About page to document this.

RewriteRule ^/About/index.html$ /Public/Scripts/menuBar.cgi-pl [QSA ,PT ,E=RewriteHtml:/About/test.lam1.us/index.html]
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