LAM Alaska Better Configuration File documentation

Better Configuration File documentation

The Better-Config-File Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Perl script uses a number of examples from the Perl Cookbook to provide an example to myself of better configuration file handling.

I refer to the Perl Cookbook and Programming Perl (the Camel Book) often when trying to write better perl code.

The Better-Config-File Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Perl script was created to test the configuration file populating a hash method of using a configuration file and was implemented as a loadConfigHash() subroutine in numerous programs in 2009. In 2009 I was still using Revision Control System (RCS) and my default for CGI Perl scripts included a LAM::displaySource() call that added the feature to display source RCS differences and more. In 2022 I have almost completely converted to git although in some cases the old RCS archives are within the git repository. I have modified the LAM::displaySource() subroutine to accept a parameter and I modified this program to link to the source on GitHub. I made some fixes including recovering the final version of the original configuration test file which is hard-coded into this test program and the default for the private version.

Some of the programs I first used this in have become obsolete including and but it is still used in many including by most popular backup program which is used along with a number of configuration files by symbolic links to the program.


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