LAM Alaska Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)

LAM Alaska Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)

The above four packages are available in Synaptic or apt-get on the PCLinuxOS platform. All are at the 3.4.5-6 version in the pclos2009 distribution. According to the PVM home page, version 3.4.6 is the latest. I will almost always wait for upgrades to make it into the official repositories rather than doing a manual install. Synaptic and apt-get are just easy. My experience tells me that if an upgrade is addressing a critical fix the PCLinuxOS team won't take long to make it available. This is most true for the more polular packages. I am not sure how popular the pvm package is on the PCLinusOS platform. I was happy to find it in the repositories.

MPI is optimized by the vendors of Massively Parallel Processor environments. PVM is available for separate PCs of different architectures.

Some usefull web links on other web servers:

PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) an alternate to MPI.   Wikipedia   PVM - Frequently Asked Questions   pvm-book   Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)

I installed pvm on all my machines and the additional pvm-examples, pvm-xpvm and libpvm-devel packages on q. I got pvm_intro   pvmd   pvmd3   pvm_shmd   PVM man pages along with the main pvm man page when the pvm package was installed. The tcsh package was a prerequisite to the pvm package. The tcl package was a prerequisite to the pvm-xpvm package. There were other prerequisites but they were already installed on my system.

The libpvm-devel package included the following man pages: aimk,   libfpvm,   libpvm,   pvm_addhosts,   pvm_addmhf,   pvm_advise,   pvm_archcode,   pvm_barrier,   pvm_bcast,   pvm_bufinfo,   pvm_catchout,   pvm_config,   pvm_delete,   pvm_delhosts,   pvm_delinfo,   pvm_delmhf,   pvm_exit,   pvm_export,   pvm_freebuf,   pvm_freecontext,   pvm_freezegroup,   pvm_gather,   pvm_getcontext,   pvm_getfds,   pvm_getinst,   pvm_getmboxinfo,   pvm_getmwid,   pvm_getopt,   pvm_getrbuf,   pvm_getsbuf,   pvm_gettid,   pvm_gettmask,   pvm_gsize,   pvm_halt,   pvm_hostsync,   pvm_initsend,   pvm_insert,   pvm_joingroup,   pvm_kill,   pvm_lookup,   pvm_lvgroup,   pvm_mcast,   pvm_mkbuf,   pvm_mstat,   pvm_mytid,   pvm_newcontext,   pvm_notify,   pvm_nrecv,   pvm_pack,   pvm_packf,   pvm_parent,   pvm_perror,   pvm_pkbyte,   pvm_pkcplx,   pvm_pkdcplx,   pvm_pkdouble,   pvm_pkfloat,   pvm_pkint,   pvm_pklong,   pvm_pkmesg,   pvm_pkmesgbody,   pvm_pkshort,   pvm_pkstr,   pvm_pkuint,   pvm_pkulong,   pvm_pkushort,   pvm_precv,   pvm_probe,   pvm_psend,   pvm_pstat,   pvm_putinfo,   pvm_recv,   pvm_recvf,   pvm_recvinfo,   pvm_reduce,   pvm_reg_hoster,   pvm_reg_rm,   pvm_reg_tasker,   pvm_scatter,   pvm_send,   pvm_sendsig,   pvm_serror,   pvm_setcontext,   pvm_setmwid,   pvm_setopt,   pvm_setrbuf,   pvm_setsbuf,   pvm_settmask,   pvm_siblings,   pvm_spawn,   pvm_start_pvmd,   pvm_tasks,   pvm_tidtohost,   pvm_trecv,   pvm_unexport,   pvm_unpack,   pvm_unpackf,   pvm_upkbyte,   pvm_upkcplx,   pvm_upkdcplx,   pvm_upkdouble,   pvm_upkfloat,   pvm_upkint,   pvm_upklong,   pvm_upkmesg,   pvm_upkshort,   pvm_upkstr,   pvm_upkuint,   pvm_upkulong,   pvm_upkushort,   pvmfaddhost,   pvmfaddmhf,   pvmfadvise,   pvmfarchcode,   pvmfbarrier,   pvmfbcast,   pvmfbufinfo,   pvmfcatchout,   pvmfconfig,   pvmfdelhost,   pvmfdelinfo,   pvmfdelmhf,   pvmfexit,   pvmffreebuf,   pvmffreecontext,   pvmffrzgrp,   pvmfgather,   pvmfgetcontext,   pvmfgetinst,   pvmfgetmboxinfo,   pvmfgetopt,   pvmfgetrbuf,   pvmfgetsbuf,   pvmfgettid,   pvmfgsize,   pvmfhalt,   pvmfhostsync,   pvmfinitsend,   pvmfjoingrp,   pvmfkill,   pvmflvgrp,   pvmfmcast,   pvmfmkbuf,   pvmfmstat,   pvmfmytid,   pvmfnewcontext,   pvmfnotify,   pvmfnrecv,   pvmfpack,   pvmfparent,   pvmfperror,   pvmfpkmesg,   pvmfpkmesgbody,   pvmfprecv,   pvmfprobe,   pvmfpsend,   pvmfpstat,   pvmfputinfo,   pvmfrecv,   pvmfrecvinfo,   pvmfreduce,   pvmfscatter,   pvmfsend,   pvmfsendsig,   pvmfserror,   pvmfsetcontext,   pvmfsetopt,   pvmfsetrbuf,   pvmfsetsbuf,   pvmfsiblings,   pvmfspawn,   pvmfstartpvmd,   pvmftasks,   pvmftidtoh,   pvmftrecv,   pvmfunpack,   pvmfupkmesg

The libpvm-devel package man pages document the function calls available from c and fortran to developers of programs that are to run in the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) environment.
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